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Thursday, May 2, 2013

New York Pervert/Molester Lawyer Gets Slap on Wrist

Here's a good one to teach the kiddies. For months, women in New York were terrorized by a pervert who groped them, stuck a camera up their dress to photograph their nether regions, etc. When the degenerate was caught he was - a lawyer!! Apparently one highly regarded by the judges in the Big Apple - they gave him probation, and let him keep his law license!

And get this - he teaches Sunday School. Maybe he should move to Kerrville.

Is it any wonder that the public hates our guts?
You can read it online at the New York Daily News.
A Brooklyn lawyer who turned out to be Manhattan's notorious serial "Gentleman Groper" got a wrist-slap, no-jail sentence today that may let him even keep his law license.

Paul Kraft, 31, had pleaded guilty in March to a string of five between-the-leg gropings of random pedestrian women, disturbing attacks committed throughout the Upper East Side and lower Manhattan in February and March last year.

The creepy crime wave earned headlines last year, when sidewalk surveillance footage showed the same dapper-dressed suspect doing all the grabbing.

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  1. To me this is a minor crime compared to the felonies of Emil Karl Prohl. The Judge's crimes are especially damaging to the profession, as he sought and was given a chance to represent the people of his district. Then he used that power to steal and cheat in order to live a more luxurious life. It causes one to wonder about a profession that is rotten at the top. To me, his crimes are worse that child molestation.