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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sore Losers, The Vampire Strikes Back

There's a certain wormy lawyer in Kerrville that I ran out of elective office last year who is a sore loser and trying to get payback. Of course he had crossed a lot of people, some with a lot more influence than I'll ever have, so I can't take full credit. Anyway, I think of him as being like a vampire or zombie - just when you think he's gone away, he comes lurching or slithering back into your life. It is my opinion that there is enough evidence for probable cause to support an indictment that he illegally used government resources to investigate me three years ago. Sort of a mini-Nixon. He made false accusations against me that went nowhere. I should have sued him for invasion of privacy and libel then. Now he's back, and has some clown claiming to be a private investigator calling lawyers here and saying that he's heard I've had a lot of trouble with people in Kerrville. He's getting close to getting himself into a libel and invasion of privacy suit. He names some of the people I had run-ins with - two were indicted and pled guilty to felonies based on my investigation, and a few others got pulled into the grand jury and just dodged getting indicted.

Mr. Investigator, call me - my number is 830-792-5601, and I'll tell you whatever you want to know. Or you can ask Senator John Whitmire about my testimony to the Criminal Justice Committee, and the special law the Legislature passed to clean up the corruption in the 198th DA asset forfeiture fund, or CNN reporter Gary Tuchman, or Zeke MacCormack at the San Antonio Express. Or ask Bruce Curry, the 216th DA who took my complaint to the Attorney General, who got the indictments and convictions. I like to think that I had a lot to do with cleaning up the county - we have a new 198th DA, Scott Monroe, who is honest and has common sense and a sense of justice.

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