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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

MDMI - Manifestly Dangerous Mentally Ill; Inmates Running the Asylum; Chapo Guzman in Chicago

This month's edition of the Texas Bar Journal has an excellent article by Judge Tom Rickhoff and Ellen Patterson titled "Dangerous Minds: addressing violence and serious mental illness from one judge's perspective," available here online. Bexar County Probate Court No. 2 Judge Tom Rickhoff suggests legislative reform to help identify those who are “manifestly dangerous mentally ill” (MDMI). The judge updated a paper written in 2006 with the rare focus on protect- ing the public, with current research by legal intern Ellen Patterson.
The timing of this article is eerie, coinciding with the mass murders in the Washington Naval Yard. The article closes with this prophetic statement: "Mental illness and violence will con- tinue its costly toll worldwide; however, embracing effective reforms will help eliminate the suffering and costs and address the needs of each individual."

33 arrested in months-long downtown Austin drug sting

Austin police have arrested 33 drug sellers and buyers in a narcotics sting targeting downtown. The sting ran from July 11 to Sept. 4 and resulted in the department issuing 40 warrants to 33 people, according to a news release from the Austin Police Department.
Among them, the 33 arrested have had 1,842 involvements with Austin police, according to the department. "These individuals regularly require police services, preventing officers from working on other community problems," the release said.

Bloomberg Business News has a good article about how Chapo Guzman's Sinaloa cartel has taken over drug trafficking in Chicago (Heroin Pushed on Chicago Fueling Gang Murders, by John Lippert).

A common thread in these articles is that thousands of people who cannot legally own a gun have them. The Navy Yard shooter even had a CHL license, notwithstanding the fact that he had been arrested for shooting out a neighbor's tires, and shot through the ceiling of his apartment into the one above him. Most of the Chicago gangsters have long rap sheets, but they have guns. Instead of taking away guns from law abiding ciizens, why don't the authorities round up the thugs with guns and lock them up for the max?

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