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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Choctaw Bingo: Oklahoma Bigfoot Hunt Ends in Tragedy; More Kerrville Daily Times headlines;

James McMurtry's classic song Choctaw Bingo, a satiric depiction of a family reunion of Oklahoma rednecks, could be the them song for this story.

Police: Bigfoot hunter shoots friend in back after hearing 'barking noise'
On a casual Saturday night hunt for Bigfoot (a.k.a. Sasquatch) in Rogers County, Okla., a "barking noise" spooked one hunter and he jerked and shot his friend in the back.
The alleged shooter’s father-in-law compounded the trouble when he allegedly threw the suspect’s rifle in a pond in an attempt to hide evidence. The father-in-law was a felon and wasn’t supposed to have a firearm, so the 53-year-old was charged with “felon in possession of a firearm and destruction of evidence.”

Kerrville Daily Times Headlines

Guess which of these is a real KDT headline (see answer below):

a.Missing makeup, defrosted ham top crime reports
A woman reported $45 in makeup missing from a mobile home in the 4600 block of Riverside Drive and an unopened ham steak she’d put in the freezer defrosting in the sink.

b. Man accused of driving drunk in stolen truck

c. Did Bigfoot Stalk the Hill Country?

d. 19 year old drug defendant chastised for being late to court

e. State of the art hemmroid center coming to Kerrville

f. 77'7" Angel lands on 77'7" cross on top of hill behind used car dealership

Answer to today's quiz - a, b and d are real.


1 comment:

  1. Your prior post suggested you are frustrated, and perhaps angry with the leadership of this country. l understand that, and I too feel frustration and anger at times.

    Kerrville culture is unique, in that the fake conservatives are a supermajority, and their “raison d’etra” is to exist in perpetual state of frustration, anger, fear and punitive negativity. They want to live their lives pissed off and ready to attack someone or something. This makes them happy. They are miserable and tend to make ordinary people miserable, as this pervasive culture can rub off on normal people if they hang around long enough.

    There are several obvious cultural indicators that signal something is very wrong in Kerrville.

    Example #1 – Morning drive time radio almost always has the highest ratings and this slot is generally occupied by the most popular and highest paid DJ’s. Almost all morning radio is uplifting, funny or inspirational, as most people like to set themselves for the day in a positive way, to include prayer, uplifting music, Tai Chi, exercise or maybe even a hit of marijuana and some quite meditation. But…oh no…we would never do that Kerrville. We must celebrate our conscious awakening with fear and loathing so we can follow through all day long with a mean spirited, punitive mindset.

    I Listen to Harley when I drive by Kerrville on IH 10 in the mornings. Several years ago I heard him say, “well at 12:05 this morning we executed _________ by lethal injection. Another one sent straight to hell”. Wow! Celebrating executions is the Kerrville way to rise and shine? I felt like I had crossed into a parallel universe.

    Several weeks later I drove through the area in the morning and Harley was on an extended tirade about liberals. His dialogue seemed so out of place as it was sandwiched between rock and roll songs, almost all of which were written and performed by flaming liberals……go figure.

    Just two weeks ago I heard him on an extended tirade against John Lennon for the verse “Imagine no religion” in the great song Imagine. He went on to say what an idiot John Lennon was and then he said “you know they want to take away our religion, don’t you? And you know what they want to replace it with? They want to replace it with ISLAM!” How wonderful. Forget the good coffee, just start your day with a double shot of fear and hate.

    Harley does this type of thing EVERY morning. I don’t blame Harley, because this is what the people in Kerrville want. Harley’s job is to get ratings and sell advertising. Ditto for the POS local newspaper.

    Kerrville is the only place in America I know of that broadcasts this type of fear and bitterness at the wakeup hour, but having lived in Kerrville, it makes total sense. Something is really wrong in Kerrville Richard, and the content of the wake up programming is an important warning sign.

    We all can get caught up in this miserable existence if we are not mindful of the uniqueness of the local culture, and the profound shortcomings of those caught up in it. In regard to popular culture in Kerrville, I say turn on, tune in and drop out.

    Next time I drive through Kerrville at sunrise, I pledge to turn Harley off and listen to Chelsea Morning by Joni Mitchell. That is how I want to start my day. Peace.