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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Kerrville's Arcadia Theatre in the Onion? Don't mess with a U.S. Marshal.

Is This in Kerrville? - Community Loses Interest 3 Days After Rallying To Save Local Theater
The Onion, a satirical online weekly news magazine, has a funny piece about a community that got all worked up to save an old movie theatre from being demolished, but the organizers lost interest after the initial flurry of activity. I could swear I was looking at a picture of the Arcadia Theatre:

Store owner kills would-be robber in SE Houston
Houston Chronicle
A shotgun wielding thug picked the wrong family convenience store to rob. He threatened the father, sister and brother. The brother had a 9 mm and shot him dead. Chalk one up for the good guys.

US Marshal Subdues Suspect Who Groped Her On Pittsburgh Jogging Trail

An off-duty US Marshal says she fought back against a man who groped her butt and pulled down her shorts on a trail popular with runners in Pittsburgh.
The 19-year-old suspect, Robert Flynn, ran away after allegedly pawing the marshal on Tuesday, but she chased him down and swiftly kicked him in the crotch, according to CBS Pittsburgh.
While in pursuit of the accused pervert, the marshal hollered at other joggers to call 911.

Bible teacher sentenced for porn
San Antonio Express News
Jacob Robert Holguin led two lives. In one, he was a doting father and family man who involved himself in his church.
   But in front of a computer screen he was “friend of grimm,” who would seek out child pornography — enjoying watching bestiality and kids having awful things done to them.
   Those two pictures emerged Friday as Holguin, 42, a former butcher at the Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph commissary, was sentenced to 20 years in prison for distributing child pornography.

When not online, Holguin was a Bible study instructor of fourth-, fifth- and sixth-graders at Calvary Chapel in Universal City, court records show

Obama the Stud
I bet the Islamic State murderers (who Obama claims are not Islamic) are quaking in their sandals after Obama's big speech last night. Wouldn't you be afraid if you saw this coming?

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