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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Update on the Arcadia Theatre Hagi-Huser Feud

I missed seeing this when it came out. The San Antonio Express ran a good article on Oct. 1 by Zeke MacCormack: 
Here are a few highlights from the article: 
Huser's counterclaim accuses Hagigholam and Thomas Myers, a co-owner of the restaurant chain who once was a partner with Huser and Hagigholam in the theater venture, of breaches of contract, fiduciary duty and implied duty to Huser and his firm.

It also accuses Myers and Hagigholam of receiving payments from a $670,000 loan secured by their partnership, called Mamacitas Holding Co.-Arcadia Theater LLC, as reimbursements for alleged project costs, which Huser says were inflated, and for work that he contends never occurred.

“Discovery is ongoing to determine how much money was wrongfully diverted,” said the counterclaim by Huser, whose firm in 2012 built the new City Hall, among other major public projects.

Alas for the people of Kerrville who wanted to see the old building restored, Hagi has apparently abandoned his dream of developing it into a nightclub with a New York City skyline theme, just what we need in the middle of Texas. 

“We did some work on it, but I decided I didn't want to do it anymore,” Hagigholam said last March. “I cannot take more time out of the restaurants.”

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