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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Kerrville Mayor Jack "Rambo" Pratt and the Cailloux Foundation Pull a Fast One on Sports Complex; City of Ingram rats jumping ship

What is going on with the City of Kerrville/Cailloux Foundation sports complex boondoggle?  City Council, led by Mayor Jack “Rambo” Pratt, voted a multimillion dollar bond to pay for athletic fields that no one needs or wants, and will suck up water that we don’t have. The Foundation was supposed to deed land on Holdsworth Drive to the city, but hasn’t. Someone is doing major construction out there, clearing land, hauling off dirt, and paving.
Here’s the best part – the land is the site of a major archeological site, and the construction workers are finding artifacts, including arrowheads and other weapons. It sounds like they are digging up major burial grounds. Where is the federal agency that protects Indian burial grounds from desecration?
For that matter, Mayor Rambo and his cronies at city hall and Cailloux know that legally they cannot disturb the ground until they have a permit from the Texas Historical Commission. Ben Modisett, the executive director of Cailloux Foundation, applied for a permit this past summer. In it he and his consultant from SWCA Environmental Consultants, promised no work would be done until the THC issued a permit. To my knowledge, no such permit has been issued, but the City and Cailloux are destroying the site. Is it so they can get away with it and then it will be a fait accompli ? I have the application and the SWCA report if anyone would like to see for themselves.

Jack Pratt got his nickname Rambo because of his false claims that he was a Green Beret who did five or six tours in Vietnam, when in fact, he was a personnel NCO who may have spent a month or so in air conditioned offices in Saigon.  What is it about Kerrville that these frauds come to town claiming to be former Navy Seals, combat pilots, and Special Forces/Delta and people believe them and never think to ask for a little verification? 

Meanwhile, the City of Ingram may even be as corrupt as Kerrville. They hired an apparently honest woman named Betty Brown to work in accounting, she took her job seriously, and Mayor James Salter fired her. What is he hiding?  Ms. Brown showed up at a council meeting with her lawyer, David Earl out of San Antonio, who I'm told is a bulldog who loves to sue politicians. Within a week of that council meeting, Salter resigned, as did the city administrator, and the city marshal. 


  1. "What is it about Kerrville that these frauds come to town claiming to be former Navy Seals, combat pilots, and Special Forces/Delta and people believe them and never think to ask for a little verification?"

    People come to Kerrville to downshift, or run away from problems. No one comes to Kerrville to make money or expose themselves to new ideas. Consequently, we are heavily weighted with “has beens” and non-performers. Their lives are boring and they have nothing to relevant to say, and lack the ability or drive to accomplish much. Glorifying past conquests and accomplishments is the only option available to separate themselves from the crowd. Unfortunately, most that fall into this category have been like this all their lives, so they resort to the limited imagination and fear to concoct a faux past which fits in with the local culture. For example, one will never hear someone in Kerrville brag about their resistance to the Vietnam War.

    The BS stories I have had to endure in Kerrville should qualify me for a disability check. Right along with war hero stories are academic achievements, to include friends and family, as well as stories of high school football glory. Ouch.

    As soon as I realized what was going in Kerrville, I packed my bags and headed for the big city, where the competition is real, and not imagined.

  2. I think you're right. We have no industry here. Our population is too old and we basically have retirees and then an underclass.

  3. Thanks for the Ingram story. We will never get that information from the KDT.

  4. My understanding is Brown was let go just before the city administrator quit, and then -- or just before Brown was fired -- the police chief/marshal retired. Then the next week, the mayor resigned. The paper reported all that.