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Sunday, February 14, 2016

California Prick Lawyer Sighting

California Prick Lawyer: Richard Narciso Vega Norat

I am looking for a test case on the issue of elitist shitheads who move into our area from California and other hellholes and act like they own the place. I and lots of other residents of Kerrville have enjoyed walking in the Heights Subdivision for years. The Heights is a gated community with lots ranging from 70k to 300k. I'm a firm believer in private property; however, it makes me sick when some rich prick retired lawyer moves in and thinks that because he owns one little lot on a 300 acre subdivision that he has the right to stalk and harass people walking on public streets subsidized by my tax dollars. The gates automatically open at 8:00 a.m. so that anyone can walk or drive through, and that makes it a public place.
The bully, whose picture is above, accosts and stalks women, taking pictures with his cell phone (Maybe he's just a lecher). He accosted me yesterday, and claims that the police have started issuing citations for trespass. If you have gotten a citation or know someone who has, I am looking for a test case, that I will defend pro bono. Call me.

There are so many levels to a story like this. For instance, it says volumes about the Kerrville economy and culture and its dearth of decent jobs, or cultural diversity, or points of view. I really may go back to Houston when retire so I don't have to look at bitter, angry old white pricks. I may live long enough to be an old white man but I won't be like so many of the turds I see in this place.
from S.A.E.N.
An angry judge in San Antonio reluctantly gave a Qatari military officer and his wife probation and ordered them deported immediately for abusing two female servants who were brought to the U.S. to clean the couple’s posh home in the Dominion.
Chief U.S. District Judge Orlando Garcia, still bothered by the plea deal prosecutors reached with lawyers of Hasan Al-Homoud, and his wife, Zainab Al-Hosani, threatened to jail them. The judge called the Qatari couple’s actions “barbaric” and ordered them to leave the country, saying that if they hit a snag on their departure, he’d order them returned here to wait in jail until the issue was resolved.
“This person is never, ever to enter the U.S. again. Never. Ever,” Garcia said. “I want them to leave. Out.”

e src/business/templates/hearst/article/headline.tpl hearst/common/author_name.tpl By Guillermo Contreras e hearst/common/author_name.tpl Updated 11:55 am, Friday, February 12, 2016

Peyton Place in Harris Co. Sheriff Dept
The Harris County Sheriff's Office terminated a third deputy related to a sex scandal that has rocked the agency following the murder of Deputy Darren Goforth in August.

On Friday afternoon, the sheriff's office announced it was firing Deputy Jason Goodrich, 27, who worked for two years on the Patrol Bureau.
Sheriff Ron Hickman said his deputies needed to treat interactions with witnesses "like a doctor-patient relationship."
"While you wouldn't think you'd have to say that - that it's a bad thing to sleep with witnesses - apparently in this day and age you have to spell it out," he said in an interview Thursday.

From Grits for Breakfast: Triplet of Austin PD court losses over police abuse may signal trend

From Law360, Dallas by Jess Davis (February 10, 2016, 7:35 PM ET) -- A Texas appellate court Tuesday sanctioned a retired doctor for filing a frivolous appeal, after he argued a lawsuit alleging he was negligent for letting his cattle stray into the road should have been treated as a health care liability claim and dismissed.

The Fifth Court of Appeals in Dallas said Dr. Richard Archer and his counsel acted so egregiously in their appeal of the now-infamous “cow in the road” case that they must pay $2,205 to opposing counsel ....

I was shocked and saddened to read that Supreme Court Justice Scalia had died. He was a fierce protector of civil liberties against government encroachment. And he wrote beautifully.


  1. I was thinking about buying a lot in the Heights but after reading this no way!

  2. Great story on Norat. Thank you for having the guts to write a story like this. It these guys are smart they will throw some money around to local institutions and then it does not matter what they did in the past or what they are doing in the present. The hope of some easy money makes them immune from criticism and local heros. I saw this in spades with former Enron board member Joe Foy. Kerrville conservatives can be bought easily and cheaply.

  3. and his creepy looking truck/camper has vanity license # LAWAV8R - claims to be consultant in aviation law