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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Jack 'Rambo' Pratt Files for Re-Election Kerrville Mayor; Nasty Neighbors; Heights of Kerrville

Jack Pratt, has filed to seek reelection as Kerrville mayor. This is after his exposure in the San Antonio Express News by reporter Zeke MacCormack as a fraud. Pratt is another in a long string of film flam men who retired from some big city and moved to Kerrville, claiming to be a war hero. The gullible people in this town accept the lies hook line and sinker. When Pratt first ran for mayor against incumbent Paul Wampler, he (Pratt) claimed he was Army Special Forces who'd served four or five or six tours in Vietnam. I'm told that for a while he even claimed he had been a Navy Seal. Turns out he was a personnel clerk and the closest he got to the front lines was his six weeks sitting in an air conditioned office in Saigon. What real vets call a REMF. Kerrville is full of secret squirrels like Pratt and Herbert C. Williamson III, who falsely claimed for years that he was a decorated helicopter pilot in Vietnam, when he was in fact a reservist who did about six months active duty in New Jersey. I wish we had a Patton to come in and slap these liars.

Incredibly, on his website for Summit Advisors he still claims to be a Vietnam vet:
"Jack Pratt's life can be described as 'a series of successes and unexpected turns.' One can see that he's a man not prone to "beating around the bush". He is a Texas native.  After serving in the United States Army and returning from his last tour of service in Vietnam, he has had stints of senior executive positions in the Health Care, Aero Space, Food & Beverage, Publishing, Energy and Financial industries, prior to moving into Management Consulting, where he successfully consults with organizations through many successful challenges." He also claims to have served on the boards of directors of several companies. Jack, if they were public companies, tell us who and we can get their annual reports and see your name there.

I hope his opponents will ask him to back up these outlandish claims with proof. Show us your DD-214. Give us a list of some of the companies where you were a senior executive. The claim to have worked in senior management in health care, aerospace, food & beverage, publishing, energy and financial industries in one life time would be pretty impressive - it would take about 100 years. Is he 125 years old?

He claims on his website "Mr. Pratt immerses himself  in the principles of hard work, honesty, loyalty and dedication." This is like someone I've just met telling me I can trust him because he's a devout Christian. I automatically check to make sure my wallet hasn't been lifted.

Moving on to another topic, that is, the retired lawyer who moved here from California, Richard Narcisso Vega Norat, and stalks women who have the temerity to walk through the open gates of the supposedly gated community of The Heights of Kerrville, sneaking up and taking their pictures, I found this on Yahoo News while web-surfing. Put it in the category of serendipity:

3 Nasty Neighbors Who Can Block Your Home Sale -- and How to Deal With Them

Most neighborly disputes don't have a legal remedy. Your best option: a diplomatic conversation, a smile, and crossed fingers. Sometimes the solution, sadly, is dropping your asking price and getting the hell out of Dodge.

Maybe your neighbor's just a miserable dude, eager to make you (and the whole block) equally miserable. Ailion recalls one particularly messy dispute over a neighbor who installed a peephole in his side door to spy on another neighbor's wife. More? He kept animals in the backyard and tossed them trash to eat. Oh, and he also shot his gun in the air while walking down the street.

These less-than-savory attributes made the home a nightmare to sell. Ultimately, Ailion says the owners sold their house to an out-of-state buyer who "did not ask about the neighborhood or why we were selling," and never bothered to speak with anyone else on the street. Eight months later, the buyer called to request help.

"My advice was to tell him it's his problem, and to try to get along with his neighbor," Ailion says.
I've tried to contact the owners of The Heights of Kerrville about this problem. I tried the contact form on the website. I called the "sales office" (which doesn't exist, or if it does it's camouflaged) and got zero response. I've written the head honcho of the company that owns the development, The PNL Companies in Dallas. No response.

I love these developers who put up billboards and run ads inviting you to visit the most exclusive gated, planned community in the Hill Country, you take them up and drive through the OPEN GATES of the "gated community," and are accosted by some dangerous nut. I'll have more to say on this. Tomorrow I'll post some pictures of the open gates and what passes for a guard house with no guard.

Pratt and Herbert Williamson should move to the Heights and they can ride around on Harleys with their new friend Richard Narcisso Vega Norat chasing the rabble like me out. 


  1. Jack Pratt may have slightly embellished his role in Vietnam, but he WAS in Vietnam, as opposed to those draft dodging hippies. Have you heard him speak or taken a close look at his hair? He represents Kerrville so well. One thing is for sure, and that is Mayor Pratt loves Jesus. Remember Richard, the path to heaven is through talk and pledges, not deeds. All deeds can be forgiven. Failure to pledge cannot.

  2. He has withdrawn his name from the ballot recently.

  3. He recently withdrew his name from the ballot, I believe.