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Friday, May 6, 2016

Something Rotten in Mayberry - Jack Pratt and Greg Shrader Election Hijinks

Readers may remember that Greg Shrader filed a complaint against mayoral candidate Bonnie White because the word "for" was 3/16'' too narrow on some of her campaign signs. Shrader, who was the publisher of the Kerrville Daily Times a few years ago, and is now back, possibly involved in the paper's management, made sure he gave copies of his complaint to the paper, which made it the lead story. Shrader is also the campaign treasurer for Bonnie White's opponent, Glen Andrew, who is the local establishment's candidate.

I've heard that Jack Pratt, our thankfully soon to be ex mayor, called reporters trying to get them to give more ink to the campaign sign issue. Well, here's something interesting -

Pratt and Shrader sent a mass email this past Wednesday night about 9 p.m. endorsing Glenn Andrew for mayor, and Gene Allen and Gary Stork for council. It is probably that they made unauthorized use of the Chamber of Commerce's email list. The next day, Terry Cook, the president of the COC, sent an email to all its members disavowing any connection to Shrader and Pratt's email.

Not only that, but the Pratt/Shrader email was disguised, not too well, to be from a non-existent group called "Citizens for Truth." But they were not smart enough to create a new email account, and sent it from Jack Pratt's company's email account, at suppt@summit-mgmt.com.

Why does any of this matter? Well, it is my opinion after reviewing the emails and researching the law that they probably violated several provisions of the Texas Election Code, including those that make it a criminal offense for a corporation to make a political contribution, to disguise the sponsor of a political ad, and to misrepresent the sponsor's identify. If there really was a "Citizens for Truth," they would be required to register it as a special purpose political committee with the Texas Ethics Commission and/or the City. They didn't, which is another violation.

I think the word for people who engage in this kind of conduct is HYPOCRITE.

But that isn't surprising, given Pratt's serial lies about being a Green Beret who did six tours in Vietnam.  

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  1. If they used the COC email list, who stole it? I am sure that would be easy to figure out.