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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Update on Gary and Peggy Stork shooting investigation; Waco federal judge gets the boot for sexual harassment

The San Antonio Express has an update by Zeke MacCormack in today's paper, available here:
After suspected murder-suicide, Kerrville authorities shed no new light on councilman’s death

Why do I get the impression that the "Kerrville authorities" want this story to get buried and forgotten post haste? MacCormack reports:
KERRVILLE - The secrecy continued Tuesday concerning the criminal complaint against Gary Stork, the Kerrville city councilman who, along with his wife, was found shot to death at home Saturday evening.
In the Sunday statement announcing the suspected murder-suicide, which stunned the community, Kerrville police also revealed that Stork had been under investigation for alleged indecency with a child....
Police have not indicated whether they believe the shootings were committed by Gary Stork, who in May was elected to his second term, or his spouse of 36 years, Peggy Chandler Stork. They were both 54 and their children were grown.
A gun was found at the scene and police said it appeared the two had been dead about 24 hours.
Mayor Bonnie White, who’d clashed with Stork on the council, said she was unsettled to learn of the allegations against him — and that some city staff had known of the investigation for six weeks or more.
She said City Manager Todd Parton told her that he and City Attorney Mike Hayes were advised in early August by the police chief that Stork was under investigation for a July 4 incident described as “inappropriate contact with a minor.”
White said the council should have been briefed in executive session on the claims about Stork, noting, “My life could have been in danger. He’d shown verbally aggressive behavior toward me...."
The mayor’s husband, Robert White, also had issues with Stork, including an altercation outside a polling site for the May election that resulted in police being summoned.
In retrospect, Robert White said, Stork “was always goofy, but he became more aggressive after coming under investigation.”

Of course Parton, Hayes and their supporters on city council (Gene Allen for example) claim hiding the information was proper because Stork, like any suspect, had the right to privacy and "due process." They are either ignorant of the law or intentionally lying. As city manager (Parton) and city attorney (Hayes), with knowledge that Stork was a suspect in a criminal case and first hand knowledge of his bizarre conduct toward Mayor White, didn't they have a duty to do something to protect her or at least warn her? Why do the city attorney and city manager have the right to hide critical information from the mayor they serve under? This could have been one of the all too unfortunate cases to make national news where a nut job cracked under pressure and decided to take out some of his real or imagined enemies with him. Like the crazy lawyer in Houston earlier this week who shot nine people.

What else are Parton and Hayes hiding?

Meanwhile, the good ol' boys are stumbling all over each other to sing Stork's praises. I mean, this guy was probably about to get indicted for sexual indecency with a child - what's lower than a child molester? - and is suspected of murdering his wife.

Kerrville Daily Times reported that fellow council member Glenn Andrew, who was elected to his Place 2 position in May, campaigned with Stork but had known him for several years already. He described Stork as a “fun-loving” person who loved Kerrville. Worse, he posted this creepy comment on Facebook:
"Those moments when your 4 year old granddaughter brings you a portrait of Mr. Gary.... RIP my friend RIP... And prayers for all families, friends, communities of faith and our community..."

HE LET STORK AROUND HIS FOUR YEAR OLD GRANDDAUGTER and after the information about Stork's alleged child molesting came out still thinks that was a good idea?????? WTF???? Not to mention that Stork probably murdered his wife?

"It's inconsistent with the the guy I know. Gary's a good guy,"  Glenn Andrew said. "Nobody's guilty until proven guilty." I guess O.J. Simpson really was innocent.

I missed it when it happened but here's another story by Zeke that shows that Stork was even loonier than I thought he was:
Political lines being drawn over Kerrville infrastructure plans
Kerrville City Councilman Gary Stork (right) tried to wrest the microphone from George Baroody, a member of The Kerrville Majority, a group formed to challenge the direction of the city under the current city council, at a town hall meeting Thursday.

Speaking of high profile perverts, how about the federal judge in Waco who recently retired, with full benefits, in the face of an investigation for serial sexual harassment?

Federal judge Smith retires during ongoing investigation
"U.S. District Judge Walter S. Smith Jr., the subject of a renewed investigation into allegations that he made unwanted sexual advances toward women in his chambers, ended his 32-year tenure as federal judge Monday.

Federal sources say Smith announced when he came to work Monday that he was officially retired as of last Wednesday. He and his wife started cleaning out his chambers Monday, the sources said."

He will continue to receive his annual salary is $203,100 for life!! 


  1. I want you to know the children unfortunately had to hear some things you said...speculate all you and everyone else seems to want to do...but if i walked into the police station tomorrow and told them, well, whatever I wanted, as long as I said your name and "touched me here " and as well had done a pretty good job of my research on you and had my own twisted reasons for doing such a thing...well...you would enjoy your name getting thrashed in the media from me , and we may or may not have ever met...but doesn't matter...tbere is a process to the system and if compelled to do things or say things because my elders are telling me to and I do ofcourse want their approval and they said it was sometimes ok to lie for "GODS BIGGER PLANS" ... well throw in a promise for a new car... guess what...Id OWN YOU...AND YOU RICHARD...BECAUSE THOUGH YOU GREW UP.ACROSS THE LAKE...Born and raised NOLA, so guess who knows just how crooked the crooked can be...As I said, Id own the next few chapters of your life and write it out how I saw fit...

    1. 1. What children are reading this blog?
      2. I lived in New Orleans/South Louisiana 4 years, Baton Rouge 2. I mostly grew up in the Bible Belt - Arkansas, North Louisiana, Mississippi. I was raised Southern Baptist.
      3. You are correct that too many people, usually men, are falsely accused of sexual contact with minors/children.

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