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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Former Kerr County official cleared of DWI, weapon charges

Former Kerr County Attorney Robert “Rob” Henneke won’t be prosecuted on charges of DWI and unlawfully carrying a weapon in Travis County, authorities there said Monday, because blood test result showed he wasn’t intoxicated.
“I’m glad this is over and that prosecutors have acknowledged my innocence,” said Henneke, 39, currently the director and general counsel for the Center for the American Future at the Texas Public Policy Foundation in Austin.

Read the whole article by Zeke MacCormack on the SA Express News website. I'm glad the case was dismissed since he was innocent. This is a good reminder of why we have constitutional and procedural safeguards for people charged with crimes.


  1. If he was cleared of the charges, why was he arrested in the first place? The assistant Travis county attorney Dan Hamrey didn't release his actual blood alcohol level. Henneke said it was .041... Seems a little suspicious that the attorney wouldn't release his blood alcohol level. Maybe Henneke was able to use his lawyering skills to find that the arresting officer somehow violated his rights, thus forcing the city/county to drop the charges. This doesn't mean that he's innocent. This just proves he's smart enough and has enough money to provide for a very good defense. Anyone else would've been charged.

  2. I'm wondering what is he currently working on as it is true that the closer you get to the target, the more flak you take.

  3. Richard, could you help us understand the what is going on with the Eric Auld case? The KDT has failed to report pertinent facts which have been disclosed by other news agencies, such as our Sheriff's claim the body was burned for four days and the murder was drug related. It looks to me like another one of Kerr County's leaders or pioneering family member is a crazed psycho killer. Kerr County is so twisted.

  4. I would really like to see you write about the Auld case. The KDT has gone silent, so there must be a big story here. I am seeing shades of Ellebracht Ranch. What is the back story on Eric, his mommy and daddy? What has been going on out there in those hills? What part did drugs play and how long has this been going on? Are there any more bodies? The white on white homicide in Kerr County is pretty scary nowadays.