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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Latest Kerrville Murders - Why no Outcry??

I don't know anything about the most recent murder case (or one of the two most recent cases) in Kerrville. The Hill Country Community Journal reported last week:
Two days after receiving a missing persons report on a San Antonio woman, Kerr County Sheriff Rusty Hierholzer has charged a 36-year-old Kerr County man with murder.
"On Nov. 2, 2016, the Kerr County Sheriff’s Office started an investigation into a missing persons report of Magan King, a 26-year-old female from San Antonio," Hierholzer said. "The investigation led officers to the Auld Ranch in West Kerr County. This was the last place Magan was seen."
Hierholzer said that based on the information received during the investigation, he was able to obtain a probable cause warrant allowing his deputies to search the 5,600-acre ranch.

News4SA has given a lot more information than the Kerrville Daily Times:
Sheriff says man goes to great lengths to conceal murder
KERR COUNTY- A bizarre murder out of the Texas Hill Country. The Kerr County sheriff's office says a well-known ranch owner killed a San Antonio woman thinking evidence could never be found on his thousands of acres of land.

“This is about the area where the murder would have taken place,” said Kerr County Sheriff Rusty Hierholzer.

Sheriff Rusty Hierholzer says the missing person’s report for 26-year-old Magan King led them to the ranch of Eric Daniel Auld in Hunt, Texas.

"This is about the area we found her,” said Sheriff Hierholzer.

It is puzzling to me that we have had so many murders in Kerr County this year, and that it doesn't seem to alarm anyone. It sounds like Eric Auld is alleged to have kidnapped a young woman in San Antonio or lured her to his ranch and murdered her and disposed of her body. Why isn't this huge news? Is murder just so common place now that it's relegated behind stories of the latest speaker at the noon Rotary club or the usual pabulum about the local spelling bee?

If anyone has information on this case they'd like to share you know how to contact me. 


  1. There was more than just Eric out there. Question Candice, his fiancé. Aka Brandi.

  2. The primary mission of the KDT is to serve and protect locals who have obtained positions of power. Murder cases like Peggy Stork are sensitive, as Gary Stork was a close friend of many political and religious types, and guilt or suspicion by association is a cause for worry. Naturally, the KDT will under report and minimize this case. In the Megan King case, the perp is from a pioneering ranching family and the crime was committed on the ranch. This is in sharp contrast to the propagandized image of Kerr County pioneers as virtuous, hardworking legends. Again, the KDT is mostly silent on this heinous murder. One can only imagine what it is like for a young journalism major to be thrown into this cesspool (KDT) right out of college, and immediately have to violate all journalistic ethics.

  3. The Auld Ranch murder was drug related, as reported by San Antonio news sources. I am lead to believe drug issues are a generational issue with the Auld family, and the ranch was a using center.

  4. My name ia Kimberly Mahan. I am the mother of Magan Nicole King. I reported my daughter missing and ask thar a wellness check be done...they were unable to get on to the property..so i then waited until morning and called back..then the investigation started...i need answers...i want the world to know what that man did to my daughter..and why. God rest her soul...i miss her more everyday...

  5. Ms Mahan, thank you for your post, and I want to extend to you my sincere condolences regarding this tragedy. Kerrville is a place where justice is hard to come by. The local newspaper is in cahoots with the rich and powerful, and cannot be depended on for fair and accurate reporting. The local authorities need constant nudging through press exposure, or they tend to sweep these types of incidents under the rug. They see it as bad publicity.

  6. It surprises me the lack of media attention to this event. Court or trial dates. Shocking something so heinous is hush hush.

  7. Thamishia RodriguezApril 7, 2017 at 12:09 AM

    I dont think this trial will be fair because of who his family is. Eric Aulds grandfather had the county named after his best friend KERR that says enough right. Just research the Auld family their roots are deep from the 1800's till now. And I dont think the murder was over drugs persay Magan King was a sweet girl who had to act tough to not look weak. In our world people will run all over u if you cant hold your own. I agree that the world should know what this guy did to her and what he put everyone else that was there through. Love u magan RIP

  8. I'm sorry for the loss of the family, but let's be real. This girl was a method addict. She had 5 kids, whom were all taken care of by family. No, people do not deserve to be murdered, but this was the life style she lived. She was very open about her lifestyle choice & her home was a trap house where all the druggies would hang out. The respect she had came from the people that shared the same interests such as money, method and prostitution. If she and Eric had been friends for years, I'm sure she knew very well what she was walking herself into. She was not a poor innocent girl who "acted tough" because of her circumstances. Those were circumstances she Chose to live by. It's sad how once a person is gone, people fail to realize that they could have also been a very bad person.

  9. Eric Auld just bonded out with a $30,000 surety bond (10% is $3,000) for the murder charges and a PR bond for $440,000. Without even doing a year in jail he gets released?? The Feds need to get involved if the small town police force is going to allow this guy to walk. What happen to jury trial? I'm in awe

  10. It's atrocious that there has been so little press coverage of this murder.