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Monday, November 21, 2016

Recent cases in San Antonio

Federal judges to discuss fate of SA judge who told (allegedly) new citizens to leave if they don’t like Trump
from SA Express
This is just the latest case of the pajama boys and girls getting their panties in a knot because of perceived racial/ethnic insensitivity. I am so sick of these crybabies with their feigned hurt feelings and outrage. I know the magistrate judge in question from being in his court fairly often and he is a good man and a good judge.

Meanwhile, where is the outrage over the cold blooded assassination of a San Antonio police officer?

San Antonio lawyer accused of fabricating court documents skips hearing
from SA Express
he whereabouts of a San Antonio attorney accused of fabricating court documents and forging judges’ signatures appear to be a mystery.
Lawyer Todd Prins failed to appear at a court hearing Monday despite instructions by U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Craig Gargotta that he needed to attend the proceedings.
Martin Seidler, Prins’ attorney, said he did not know Prins’ whereabouts.

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