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Friday, April 21, 2017

Kerrville Councilmen Stork, Fine, Andrew and Fine Get Down at Kerrville 4th on the River

Gary Stork and his friends on city council had a grand old time at last year's July 4th celebration at Louise Hayes Park. Here's a screen grab from his Facebook page:

Stork is dead, Gene Allen resigned, and Glenn Andrew is not running for another term. That leaves Stephen Fine, standing next to Stork in the photo. 

Meanwhile, Zeke MacCormack has an article at mysanantonio.com (the San Antonio Express) titled 'Late Kerrville councilman faced more than one sex complaint.


  1. I read in Zeke's article that there were multiple complaints of "sexual misconduct" by an "unspecified number of people" prior to the double homicide, and that Stork admitted to a police investigator that he had in fact sexually assaulted a minor female, according to Richard Ellison. My question is why didn't the police arrest Stork? It looks like an arrest would have gone a long way to prevent the murder of Peggy. The local authorities routinely arrest and jail people for driving without a license, first offense, and God forbid one has a small amount of marijuana. You and I would be arrested with a very high bond under these circumstances, with major press coverage. Where is tough on crime bunch? Where is the KDT? The local authorities have some tough questions to answer. I knew there were some very bad facts coming, as the KDT went silent on the case. If you had not filed the suit, I bet all this would have been permanently swept under the rug by the KDT and police. It looks even worse than I thought it could possibly be. Once again, Zeke breaks the important news while the KDT reports on the commissioners angst over the insect garden.

  2. Kerrville police(KPD)reported Stork's child sex assault complaint to their superiors, city manager Todd Parton, and city attorney Mike Hayes. Stork admitted sexually assaulting a child to KPD on July 4th, 2016 in the city park at the city's July 4th celebration. Parton and city attorney, Mike Hayes kept the confession secret for nearly 3 months while I believe they offer to help him get out of his troubles, and used him to harass Mayor White by bringing false ethics claims against her. I believe this was an attempt to regain the power they had with the old Kerrville Kabal under Pratt and company.(see Mayor's ethics challenged by councilman /by Bonnie Arnold/Hill Country Community Journal/ August 31, 2016). However, after the Stork's bodies were discovered on Sat. night Sept. 24, 2016, Parton announced on Monday, Sept.26th he was leaving town for a new job(just 2 days after the discovery of the Stork's bodies). Folks, there is more to this cover up than we have been told.
    I too believe Gary & Peggy could still be alive if Parton & Hayes had helped them get help rather than use them for a personal grudge against Mayor White.

    Thank you Mr. Ellison for bringing this dirty downtown business to light, and squeezing the truth out of them.

  3. Remember the long, rambling editorial from the KDT where they criticize and admonish those who continue to ask questions about the Stork case? Kerrville is a small town and all that implies. I believe the folks at the KDT knew the facts revealed at Friday's hearing at the time they wrote the subject editorial.

    I have been a long standing critic of Heirholzer and his never ending empire building, but now it looks like his jail expansion may come in handy.

  4. Richard can you help me understand the role of the DA in this case? Since the case was going to a Grand Jury, I assume the DA had access to all the evidence. Who was the DA? Why didn't they cause him to be arrested? Should they be involved in the public conversation?

  5. Were Andrew, Allen and Fine witnesses to the sexual assault? Did they physically intervene to stop it?

  6. So what you are saying is Kerrville City council, the KPD and the Sheriffs dept were all aware of for months that Stork was an admitted child molester? And with this info we still have people in holding office in KPD and Sheriffs? Is that not enough corruption to allow for Federal or Texas Ranger investigation? At some point this "good ol boy" cronyism has to be stopped.