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Sunday, April 30, 2017


Pictured above: Kerrville City Council with Robert Earl Keen at July 4, 2016 Louise Hayes Park: Gary Stork, Stephen Fine, Keen, Glenn Andrew, Gene Allen

The headline of Zeke MacCormack's article in Sunday's San Antonio Express says it all:
Stork cases continue to roil Kerrville

"KERRVILLE — Local police are defending their handling of an indecency complaint against City Councilman Gary Stork last summer, which was days from going to a grand jury when Stork and his wife were found dead in their home.

Any other person accused of this would be arrested, booked and his mug shot put on front page of the local paper,” said attorney Richard Ellison, who represents the “Jane Doe” plaintiff, now 14, in a lawsuit filed in January against Stork’s estate.

"The investigation into the deaths continues, (KPD Chief) Knight said, as investigators await the results of lab tests on evidence. As to the original police theory of murder-suicide, he said, “We’re not locked into that.”

"Investigators, disclosing few details of the evidence in either case, say a handgun was found at the Storks’ home and that each victim was killed by a single gunshot to the head. A justice of the peace ruled Gary Stork’s death a suicide in February, but is awaiting further investigative findings before ruling on Peggy Stork’s death."

My take on all this: No one really knows what happened at the Stork house. The city attorney has blocked public information requests from, among others, the S.A. Express and me. Withholding the information creates a situation ripe for speculation and rumor. There are at least four possibilities:
1. Gary Stork and Peggy Stork each shot themselves
2. Gary shot Peggy, then himself
3. Peggy shot Gary, then herself
4. A third party shot them both

There was one pistol found at the scene. At least one witness has said that it was too far from either body to indicate suicide.

From MacCormack's article:

"The second-guessing of police intensified after Ellison said at a lawsuit hearing April 21 that Stork had confessed to police, and City Attorney Mike Hayes revealed that police believe Stork had additional 'victims.'”

"Asked about other 'victims,' Chief Knight said subsequent to the girl’s complaint around Aug. 1, “other incidents” came to light involving Stork in previous years. Those complaints involved adults, not minors, he said, declining to provide further details.

"As to Stork’s purported 'confession,' Knight said, 'We would not term it a confession. He provided some information in a non-custodial interview that supported the elements of the offense that he was being investigated for at that time.'"

That sounds like a confession to me.

I'm not blaming Mr. Hayes. He's just doing his job, as directed by his bosses, the majority of the city council: Stephen Fine, Ellen Summerlin, and Glenn Andrew. Andrew is not running for reelection. Fine is, challenged by Vincent Voekel.

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  1. This story just keeps on getting uglier. The simple fact that the KDT wont report on it tells me there are some hidden bombs yet to be discovered. One thing is clear, and that is throwing money at law enforcement is ineffective,