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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Texas Hill Country Legal Shenanigans

The Texas Hill Country continues with its sordid history of corruption in the criminal justice system, mostly in the 198th Judicial District, which covers Kerr, Kimble, Mason, McCullough and Menard counties. We already had a district judge, Emil Karl Prohl, step down after the State Commission on Judicial Conduct made him resign, then he pled guilty to felony theft. The DA Ron Sutton also pled guilty to felony misapplication of fiduciary property for embezzling from the asset forfeiture fund. A Texas state trooper, Jeff Jerman, just pled guilty in federal and state court to selling Schedule III steroids out of his patrol car and in uniform. A probation officer, Tanna Mozel Tyler Hurt a/k/a Tanna Brown, has been indicted on about 50 counts of stealing money from probationers, tampering with government documents, theft, forgery, etc.
I have a theory: this area was settled by outlaws and corruption was built into the system from the beginning. In the 1880's the governor had to send the Texas Rangers to Junction to arrest almost all the adult males for cattle rustling, murder, and other crimes. It's still the Wild West out here.


  1. You should be running for DA.

  2. Thank goodness people are finally commenting on the corruption in Kerr County. Keep up the awareness